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About Us


The Edible Apothecary was founded on Karen’s love for her family and passion for natural healing.  As a trial lawyer who has been advocating for patients’ rights for more than 30 years, Karen’s work routinely involves reading and analyzing research and consulting with experts in various specialties including cardiology, internal medicine, oncology, and surgery.  When a family member was diagnosed with cancer, Karen dove into the scientific research to find answers.  She discovered the power of a whole food based plant diet to prevent and reverse many diseases; while healing the planet and being compassionate to its animals.  It was time to be part of the solution.

Karen was surprised to learn that the diseases that claim the most lives – heart disease and cancer - are food related.  Cancers, such as prostate and breast cancer, are affected by food.  Eating certain animal products encourages cancer cells to grow.  Eating certain plant-based foods encourages cancer cells to die.  Likewise, certain animal products impair artery function leading to heart disease; and also cause insulin resistance leading to diabetes.  Karen was shocked that this critical connection between animal products and disease was not being blasted across the TV and newspapers.  Instead, this information was buried while advertisements for foods that make us sick dominated the air waves.

Karen was heartened to learn that there are experts in medicine and nutrition who are leading the way and teaching us the truth about our food and our health.  The fact is that the Standard American Diet is killing us. Evidence-based research distinctly shows that eating a WFPB diet can prevent, halt and even reverse many food born diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, auto-immune disorders and other diseases as well. 

This inspired Karen to become certified in Plant Based Nutrition through e-Cornell.  She also obtained Professional Plant Based Certification through Rouxbe Culinary School.  Today, as The Edible Apothecary, Karen is excited to offer convenient, compassionate, and delicious WFPB meals to help heal our bodies and our planet.