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The Edible Apothecary

The Food You Eat is the Life You Live!

Eat With Purpose!

About The Edible Apothecary (T.E.A.)

T.E.A.'s mission is to inspire whole-food, plant-based eating through education and delicious meals.

The Edible Apothecary was founded on Karen’s love for her husband, family and friends, as well as her life-long passion for natural healing.  Karen also was inspired by her 30-year career as a trial lawyer and patient advocate, representing patients with significant health and medical concerns. 

After a beloved family member was diagnosed with cancer, Karen dove deep into the medical research and discovered significant scientific studies showing that a whole-food, plant-based diet "WFPBD" may be able to stop, prevent, and even reverse cancer.  During this time Karen also learned about the scientific studies showing that a whole-food, plant-based diet may likewise stop, prevent and even reverse heart disease and diabetes.    

Realizing the major role of food in fighting disease, Karen began preparing healing food for her family and gifting her organic WFPB meals to others who suffered food-related illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and obesity. She obtained certification in  Plant-Based Nutrition from e-Cornell/Cornell, devoured medical research and recipes, acquired a commercial kitchen, and has been cooking ever since!  She is currently completing a Professional Whole-Food, Plant-Based Chef program.   Short video about Karen

While preparing meals for others, Karen also created WFPB meals to address her own health concerns – high blood pressure and obesity.  In a few short months, Karen shed 25 pounds and reduced her blood pressure without medication – all while eating a lot of delicious and interesting foods!  Karen was astonished by the quick and profound effects on her health, metabolism, and energy.  She also observed the impact of these changes on her personal and professional life - and wanted to share these life-changing concepts with others.  This led to the birth of  Mastermind Meals as a forum to educate those interested in the benefits of a WFPBD to reclaim our health and restore our planet.

"All I know is I feel great, and people say I am “glowing – a common side effect of a WFPB diet!  On a recent flight, airport TSA attendant actually said I was gonna make some crabby person mad with my smile! You can dive into the science and learn why this works by reading the literature, or you can simply experience how it works by enjoying a whole-food, plant-based diet and reaping the quick and profound benefits.  Plus it's fun to make new dishes, share meals and engage minds, all the while doing something good for the planet ! (Karen Lugosi, 2018)

Meal experiences that enrich your body & your life

Things worth having are worth working for...😊

It takes thought and strength to embrace a whole food plant-based diet "WFPBD" in our culture of beautifully engineered, processed, enhanced "foods".  Re-learning why we eat and how our bodies naturally want to heal is inspiring to fuel change.  Making change together is fun and powerful.

There's something exciting about hearing a story before you dig into each one of Karen's dishes, and hearing what it does for your body.  It makes you feel healthier immediately!


Karen just has a knack for connecting your mind with what your body really needs, and she makes it fun and interesting...and absolutely delicious! 

"Even I...the writer of this web content...was shocked to find that I LOVED her Thai Coconut Soup. I dislike coconut milk very much! I have gotten to know Karen very well through this process and I've been blown away by her honesty, direct style, her instincts, creative abilities, and her humility despite her extraordinary track record of professional success. I can see why high quality 'achievers'  crave being around her.  I'm not sure she's a good fit for wallflowers who just want to exist. She's a perfect fit for successful adults who are making decisions for family members and excelling in life...and who want to knock it all up a notch." (Erika Feinberg, 2018)

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Mastermind guidance and discussions for high-achievers

Niche Advice for Niche Goals

Can you imagine if your body could talk and tell you what it needs?  If it could tell you what you should be doing, creating and achieving right now? TEA provides a forum for people to discuss the best ways of achieving optimal health, which of course leads to success in other areas of life.  It all starts with your choices of food.

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Whole Food Plant Based Meals that Heal and Make A Positive Impact on the Food Industry

You are What You Eat

You also are what you do!  Try enriching your life through tiny shifts in what you do every day.  Add an extra fruit or vegetable to your meal.  Visit a farmer's market.  Try a WFPB recipe.  Karen can point you to her favorite choices of foods and recipes. Just ask!

Organic Plant-based fun meal events that stimulate ideas and discussion

Meal Events You Love and Crave

Karen strives to obtain the best organic foods, and creatively combine them to make delicious nutrient-dense meals that can help you achieve your goals.  We provide fun and interesting education along the way. You'll enjoy a multi-course meal, wine and mastermind. We whip up dishes you'll love, crave and feel you need.

 "MasterMind Meals" Combines food explorations with enriching discussion

Would You Like to Know the Meaning of the Logo?

The Edible Apothecary Logo

Story Behind The Edible Apothecary (T.E.A.) Logo

Karen's love for science, natural healing, life, and family inspired her concept of the TEA logo. She explained her vision to graphic artist Marisa Fugelberg, who magically put all the ingredients together to create this beautiful, complex yet simple design.

  The T.E.A. organization is founded on the belief that eating a WFPBD allows your body to do its job and heal itself, and also heal the earth.  This simple and powerful change opens the way for great happiness and a bountiful life. 

  The circular shape of the logo represents T.E.A's life-food-health-happiness-success cycle and Karen's saying: 

    The food you eat is the life you live.

The negative space reveals the T.E.A. tree of life symbolizing that plants enhance and sustain life.

  The spoon and fork appear as roots and arms of the tree reaching upward and represent a gentler way of nourishing your body and sustaining the earth.

The bottom leaves represent a bowl that houses delectable, healing foods.

  The bud in the center represents  the DNA helix and symbolizes that T.E.A.'s whole-food, plant-based food can positively affect you AND YOUR LOVED ONES at the cellular level.

  The top arch of leaves represent the abundant energy you feel when you eat this way.

  The color green represents clean plant-based foods and prosperity.

The Edible Apothecary Vision

What in the world has happened?

Most of our physical and mental problems in life come down to our diet and our cultural norms. What we're taught is healthy is not always true, and the rules keep changing. 

Our point is, your body is the judge of what's truly healthy. Your body will speak through it's vitals and it's ability to keep ticking and achieve!

Social Responsibility Starts Here.

Improving food ethics takes a village.

Our Vision: To have truly healthy foods and our eating habits genuinely nourish our body's needs as a cultural norm, and a natural part of our lives.

If this becomes a cultural norm, we're all healthy, happy, and we are all successful in life...

The Edible Apothecary has done its job.

The food you eat is the life you live...

There's just something about eating and living a healthy life that adds clarity to your life and opens you up to more involvement and better paths.  

Similar to Warren Buffett and his work with JP Morgan Chase and Amazon, this is our Mystery Project. Our health care initiative can positively affect a new type of healthcare in America. 

♥ Learn, enjoy, gift yourself, gift others. 

♥ Let's do this together!

Karen said something that struck me...

Karen has a very lofty goal of having a positive influence on the ethics and standards of the food and health care industries. 

She said this to me during a hike:

"Do you understand how just choosing to eat a carrot instead of a processed chip is making a statement and positively effecting the world's ecosystem?" 

I truly never thought of it that way, but I see it. Do you?

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Let's Do This Together!

Eat with Purpose. Live with Purpose.

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